Builder in North Shore
Every Oppidan Home is Designed from Scratch
Our design brief methodology ensures a comprehensive assessment of your lifestyle, accommodation, budgetary and design needs.  We then combine this with the locations features, environmental considerations and construction cost strategies to develop an effective design that is unique to you.

Oppidan has the same aim as You
We commit to keeping within budget so that you can afford to build your home.  Using design innovation, minimising waste of space, creating flexible living spaces, using cost effective construction methods and where possible utilising standardised materials maximises what your dollar will buy.
approvedExemplary Record with Council Approvals
Oppidan has an exemplary record for quickly obtaining Council approval of plans.  This is achieved through the thoroughness of our design process and our considerable experience.
We gather all of the relevant data up front and our team assess a range of considerations such as stormwater easements, overshadowing neighbours and design synergy with the existing street scape. Pre submission meetings with Council ensure any issues are addressed and quickly changed using our computerised design system.

Upfront with Our Charges
You pay as you go in simple staged payments.
There are no extra charges for changes to your sketch plan and working drawings.
Efficient processes and competitive fees get your quality plans to Council for the lowest price possible.

cad2We work to Strict Delivery Timelines
Design brief to Sketch Plans – 2 to 3 weeks. (except on extraordinary council issues)
Sketch Plans to Pre DA Meeting – 2 to 3 weeks
Final Drawings to Council Submission – 3 weeks
Owner input and Council requirements can impact on the process however we are highly experienced in responding to these issues and are able to keep the process moving forward.

Oppidan Works on your Behalf
Without compromising the design, construction and material costs are a major factor in our process.  We seek multiple quotes for all major items ensuring competitive prices are achieved.  Our builders are not only of the highest quality and can complete the build phase in the required time frame but they have Home Owner Warranty Insurance ensuring you are protected.

cad1Project Management
We manage the whole process on your behalf.  We conduct regular site meetings and address any issues that may arise.  We take responsibility for quality control of all aspects of the construction and report back to you ensuring that you are involved in and approve of the related works.  Oppidan will secure the occupation certificate confirming that the building meets all required standards and we will continue to provide professional assistance should issues arise after you have moved in.

Our Company
Over 30 years Oppidan Homes has built an enviable reputation as one of Sydney’s major design and construction managment companies, providing professional services and advice in residential property.
Our two Directors, Steven Gild and Gavin Cohen have extensive experience in residential dwellings, medium size commercial and industrial projects and possess a “can do” attitude that drives forward our projects.
Oppidan’s team includes professional in-house designers, builders, interior decorators, landscapers, pool designers and a range of specialists that bring together the complete process.
The result is demonstrated in the diverse range of stunning homes that exist across Sydney designed by Oppidan.
For more information about North Shore builder and Builders in North Sydney call us at: 9988 4522.