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Competitive fee structure

Unexpected costs can often spiral in a new home build and leave you feeling stretched. At Oppidan, you pay as you go in simple, payment stages so you know what to expect from the beginning. We don’t charge extra if you make changes to your sketch plans and working drawings. Our team are skilled in

Strict timelines

Our team is competent and works to strict timelines to keep the process moving forwards. The table below shows approximately how long the design and planning stage takes for a new home build: Process Time taken Design brief to Sketch Plans 4 weeks (except on extraordinary council issues) Sketch Plans to Council Drawings 4 weeks

Best building practices

At Oppidan Designer Homes, we constantly stay informed of the latest building practices in Australia so that we build homes that suit today’s environments and family needs.

One-stop design and construction service

Our service covers every detail related to your home. We take care of the whole process from on-site visits, Council approval, contract documentation and construction saving you time, money and mistakes. A skilled team comprising an in-house designer, interior decorator, colour consultant, landscapers, and other specialists handle your project to completion. Our service doesn’t stop

Custom design and concepts

We create stunning single level and double storey, or duplex designs according to your specifications. Don’t have a complete picture in your head of your new home? Our design team is skilled in turning your thoughts and ideas into beautiful spaces. Using the latest 3D technology, you can see your home come to life, approach

Quick council approval

Our team’s experience and due diligence processes means Council approves our plans quickly, saving time. Every detail related to your property is included in our plans such as stormwater easements, overshadowing neighbours and design synergy with the existing streetscape. You can be 100 per cent sure that we’ve thought of everything.