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5 Secrets of Stress-Free Home Renovation

We’ve all heard the nightmare stories from our friends. Contractors doing shoddy work. Having to go in and inspect every minute detail yourself. Incorrect permits. The list goes on!

So what are the top 5 secrets to a stress-free renovation? Read on to find out…

  1. Leave it to the experts to coordinate

While it seems like a good way to cut costs, managing your own home renovation is fraught with difficulties. The best way to prevent tearing your hair out over renos is to trust your project with the experts. Think about it – you wouldn’t try and manage your business tax affairs just to save a buck, would you? The same thing can be said for overseeing your renovations.

  1. Choose a trusted provider

Experience counts a lot when it comes to overseeing building works. You will want to pick a company that has a wealth of experience in renovations – with the client testimonials to back them up. A company or provider that lacks experience is likely to make more mistakes, which can in turn lead to cost and schedule blow outs.

  1. Ensure all building works are council compliant

While you can generally leave this part up to your overseeing company, checking what permits and approvals need to be followed ahead of time is a good way to double check that everything is being done by the book. Errors in this area may mean that you need to remodel your house after all the work is finished!

  1. Pick a time-frame that works

Oftentimes schedules can blow out. Although this is less likely with a trusted provider overseeing works, you will still want to build in a bit of a buffer in case your home is not completed exactly on time. For example, don’t have a completion date of December 1st if you are having a whole herd of the relatives over for Christmas. A buffer of 1 month plus is reasonable.

  1. Don’t let feelings simmer

If you are truly unhappy about any aspect of your building works, then don’t wait until it’s too late to bring it up. Address any issues as they arise to prevent it causing a bigger problem down the track!

Trust your home renovation to us at Oppidan Designer Homes. We offer a free initial consultation and are with you every step of the way from design, through to compliance, and construction.

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