How Environmental Factors Impact the Type of House You Can or Should Build

The excitement of planning your custom built home is a rush. Yet, before settling on a design, it’s important you determine if all your wishlist items are possible. In particular, the type of home you can build may be limited by a number of environmental factors at the site.

The type of soil, topography of the site, the amount of sunlight and wind, the site’s drainage and other factors can all affect the type of home that can be built. For example, some soils are not as stable or well-draining as others. In this case, a three-storey home would not likely …

Summer Reno’s: When A Change is As Good As A Holiday

As the winter blues melt away, the season for sun, sand and surf is fast approaching with the promise of long, warm nights around barbeques and pools. For many Sydney-siders, a custom design home can make a world of difference for families entertaining friends and loved ones, and can turn the home into a much needed summer sanctuary.

Not only will a renovation turn your home into the perfect entertainment space for Christmas and beyond, but the mild weather means that there are fewer delays during construction – so this means less waiting and more time to enjoy your new …

New Technology in Home Lighting

With the recent changes and improvements in home lighting technology, there is a lot of talk about energy efficient home lighting applications, mainly LED and CFL solutions are the most popular.


While many homeowners are intrigued by the trend toward greener options in lighting, choosing the right fixtures and sources for your home’s lighting needs is simple. Here are some of the available options in new home lighting technology that will go great in most any application:


Incorporating LED lighting into your home design

LED lighting has evolved into a viable solution that provides long-term energy savings and aesthetically pleasing light output.


Recessed Lighting

Replacing …

Custom Home Design Vs Existing Properties

If you’ve outgrown the place you are living in, you are ready to downsize, or move up, or move out, then you will need to decide whether to build or simply move into an existing home. Here are a few points to consider when making your decision.

Getting exactly what you want

Whether it’s your fittings, the suburb, the amount of bedrooms, or a dedicated wine cellar, there are a lot of items that people jot down on their “Need to Have” and “Would Be Nice to Have” lists when it comes to choosing a new home.

And while you might just find …

5 Secrets of Stress-Free Home Renovation

We’ve all heard the nightmare stories from our friends. Contractors doing shoddy work. Having to go in and inspect every minute detail yourself. Incorrect permits. The list goes on!

So what are the top 5 secrets to a stress-free renovation? Read on to find out…

Leave it to the experts to coordinate

While it seems like a good way to cut costs, managing your own home renovation is fraught with difficulties. The best way to prevent tearing your hair out over renos is to trust your project with the experts. Think about it – you wouldn’t try and manage your business tax …

The top two considerations before you build or renovate

Upgrading your home living to create your dream lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pull up sticks and build a new house. Renovating is still a very popular and affordable choice for families improving their homes or expanding on usable space.

While building a new home can be incredibly exciting, it also comes with its own unique pitfalls.

We looked at the top two things to consider when home-buyers look to either renovate their existing home or move on to a new project:
1. Location
Renovate an Existing Home
Pro: An existing home in a mature area will have established neighbourhoods and links to …

Things to consider before designing your home

If you’ve made up your mind to design your house and take your home décor to the next
level, it is important that you consider a few necessary things that will best fit your needs and
help you create a beautiful, cohesive, and thriving landscape!

If you’re all set to assemble your fantasy home or redesign your landscape or simply make a few
changes to it or something like that, it is important that you consider a few necessary factors
first before starting up with the designing process.

You know precisely what you need and need to have in your …

Designing the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living spaces are becoming very popular in new homes. They take advantage of outside space, are a great place to unwind after a busy day cooped up inside and they maximise every square foot of living space in your home.

When designing an outdoor living space there are a number of things to consider that will lend to creating a beautiful, functional and comfortable area outside your home.


Color Scheme

When designing the perfect outdoor living space the first place to start is by looking at the exterior colors and design style of your home. …

Oppidan Services

A strong, safe and beautiful home is something that everyone desires. Getting your dream home constructed as per your demands and wishes are the best feeling you could ever have. If you’re looking for someone to redesign your house, why not choose Oppidan Homes for new home construction. You’ll get energy-efficient construction, customized design, and all the benefits of having a home that was built just for you! Having a house custom-built for your family offers numerous advantages and can actually help you save money in the long run. With a new home construction, you can plan your house around …

Bright and Breezy

Easy living was the inspiration for this beautiful residence

This split level home is a contemporary inspired standout. It was designed and built by Oppidan Homes to promote easy living in its structural design and infuse a light and bright, atmosphere as per the client’s request. The home includes four bedrooms, a formal lounge and dining area and a meals and family room. Oppidan Homes also incorporated a laundry and double garage with storage to fill the requirements of an everyday space.

The owners were ready to scale down. After living in a two-storey home for many years they were after a …

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