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Custom Home Design Vs Existing Properties

If you’ve outgrown the place you are living in, you are ready to downsize, or move up, or move out, then you will need to decide whether to build or simply move into an existing home. Here are a few points to consider when making your decision.


Getting exactly what you want


Whether it’s your fittings, the suburb, the amount of bedrooms, or a dedicated wine cellar, there are a lot of items that people jot down on their “Need to Have” and “Would Be Nice to Have” lists when it comes to choosing a new home.

And while you might just find that perfect home that meets – and sometimes exceeds! – all of your expectations and is within your budget, oftentimes the endless search is disheartening.

If you have been searching for many months, then it may be time to consider purchasing land (either with or without an existing property) that is the right size and right area, and then building – so you can have everything on your list.



Property upkeep


While there are many gorgeous old properties around Sydney and NSW, if you are looking at purchasing a property that was built 25+ years ago, you will need to take into account the upkeep that is required for the property. This is even more important in significantly older homes.

That diamond in the rough may require extensive renovations both inside and out which will add to the cost and time to occupy. A custom home design that includes nods to times gone by may be a better option to stand the test of time.



Leveraging land value


Sydney real estate is at an all time high. Which means that sub-divisible blocks are hot property. If you manage to find a suitable block in a clever area (with or without an existing property), that has room for your home plus another one or two (or units), then you might like to consider snapping it up.

Building your own home on the preferred slice of land, and then either developing or selling off the rest of the block, either straight away or after sitting on it for a while, is a clever way to get a great return on investment.

At Oppidan Designer Homes we help you with custom home design tailored exactly to your requirements. We collaborate with design and then can help oversee the entire process from permits through to construction. Whether it’s a whole new home or a renovation of your new property, we can help.

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