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At Oppidan, we are your total home design and construction source. Besides custom designing and building your home, we can also pair the exterior with a personalised interior design.

Building your very own, customised home is not only the largest investment most people will make in their lifetime, but it is also the place where you will spend most of your time. It is where your family will not only find shelter but a place where memories are made.

It is where you and your family will grow and thrive. It is where your family will always feel comfortable. So when it comes to designing, building and decorating a building in Sydney which will be the cornerstone of your family life, you want something this important to be perfect.

It has to meet all your needs and reflect your tastes and individuality.

You will not want to trust a project this big to just anyone. You want to go with Australia’s leading home builder and design team on the Lower and Upper North Shore as well as the Eastern Suburbs, Oppidan.

We can bring all of your ideas and inspirations to life in one impressive package – your home. Because your home is not just shelter, it is the cornerstone of your family.

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Oppidan - Building Homes People Love To Live In

  • "We can go on forever singing your praises but most importantly we would recommend your company to any prospective clients"

    - Mark and Karyn Moskow

  • "We are so happy with the result that it would be our pleasure to discuss our experience with your potential clients."

    - Jane and Andrew