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Home Renovations

Everyone deserves to have a home that fits their family’s current lifestyle, tastes and personalities. However, at some point, you may realise that your family has changed and your home just doesn’t express your lifestyle as well as it did in the past. That’s when it’s just time for a change, time to breathe new life into an old home.

As one of Sydney’s leading custom home builders, we build custom home designs from the ground up and can create a whole new look and feel to your home with a complete or partial home renovation.

Our Sydney based professional home designers and builders will work closely with you to create a home that will better suit your family’s current lifestyle. Whether it’s an update to your original home or a renovation of a home into which you just moved, we will create a living space that is just your own at a price you can afford.

Oppidan - Building Homes People Love To Live In

  • "We can go on forever singing your praises but most importantly we would recommend your company to any prospective clients"

    - Mark and Karyn Moskow

  • "We are so happy with the result that it would be our pleasure to discuss our experience with your potential clients."

    - Jane and Andrew