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New Homes

At Oppidan, Australia’s premier custom home builder, we’re passionate about our custom home designs. We create homes of the finest craftsmanship, that express character and charm. Homes that define your family.

We don’t just build houses. We create homes that fit a family’s lifestyle, and even their dreams. This is true of the houses we’ve already built and true of the customised house we can build for you and your family.

An Oppidan Designer Home is a balance of first rate craftsmanship, quality material with interior spaces that are comfortable and functional. A home should be built to your exact custom floor plan so that it defines your family and feels like an old friend, while remaining obviously new and fresh, clean and untouched.

Come and see what kind of home we can build for you. Because, after all, at Oppidan, we don’t build houses, we craft homes.

Oppidan - Building Homes People Love To Live In

  • "We can go on forever singing your praises but most importantly we would recommend your company to any prospective clients"

    - Mark and Karyn Moskow

  • "We are so happy with the result that it would be our pleasure to discuss our experience with your potential clients."

    - Jane and Andrew